Life Groups are Purposeful

OVBC Life Groups foster deep community in Christ, where we can know and be known as we carry out our mission. Life Groups help us to be committed to God (Seeking His Glory), the study of His Word, (Centered in His Word), and fellowshipping and serving with His people (Furthering His Kingdom).

Life Groups are Biblical

As Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness, he became overwhelmed with the responsibility of leading the people.  In Exodus 18, His father-in-law, Jethro, wisely counsels that he delegate responsibility, by appointing leaders over smaller groups.  One might say, this was the beginning of Life Group ministry!  Fast forward several hundred years and we see that even Jesus had His 12 disciples, and in the book of Acts, the church met not only in the temple courts, but in homes throughout the week. 

Life Groups are Personal

Life groups allow us to engage realistically in the “one anothers” of Scripture, whereas in the larger congregation, that may not be possible.  In Life Groups we can ask questions, receive personal care, and be more relaxed.  Life Groups encourage transparent, meaningful, and lasting relationships.



Reflecting our desire to be“Centered in His Word”  Ocean View’s Discipleship Pathway helps believers to grow in their intimacy with Christ and to become more like Him.  Discipleship is not just another program, but a lifelong pathway rooted in a relationship with Christ and with others.  In the Great Commission (Matthew 10:28), the Lord has called each of us to be disciples and disciple makers.  Ocean View offers an extended 25-week discipleship training in the basic essentials of our faith, using the book, “Discipleship Essentials.” Disciples who have gone through the training can then reproduce this ministry in others, meeting one-on-one or with 2-3 other people.